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The Creator Studio in Long Beach, California

is proud to host The Special Snowflake Tour, starring Keith Lowell Jensen and Johnny Taylor for two whole nights!

Stand Up! Records sends two of it’s most exciting artists out on the road to thrill and delight audiences of a certain demographic, and they are swinging through our studio to perform live, with special guest, Cate Gary! BONUS!

Their decidedly low key, some would even say dead pan style of confessional stand up, is making Keith and Johnny new fans the world over and earning them accolades from such notable publications as TimeOut NY (4 Stars) and The Washington Post (“Demented Genius”). People you’ve never heard of have also said nice things (Good show guys. Really funny.) And you will have a chance to see them do their thing…no matter where you are!

Come catch this amazing tour at our Creator Studio on June 26th and 27th! ALSO! If you can’t make it all the way to Long Beach this Summer, fear not! We will be streaming the June 26 show LIVE from our studio!

Space is limited so get your tickets today! This is going to be a fun weekend!

Keith Lowell Jensen

Hi. I’m Keith Lowell Jensen. I perform stand up comedy because I have an overwhelming compulsion to share and have found that this is more palatable if I am funny, and because I have not been good at other things I have tried. I hope to also be compassionate, gentle, and kind while doing my part to fight the pigs.

 I have four comedy specials out; To The Moon, Cats Made of Rabbits, Elf Orgy, and Atheist Christmas. Atheist Christmas can currently be seen on Hulu. I love you.

Johnny Taylor Jr.

Sardonic and personal, Johnny Taylor elevates the art of self-deprecating storytelling with his debut album, Tangled Up in Plaid on Stand Up! Records.

Taylor gained the attention of the comedy world sharing stages with Robin Williams, Doug Stanhope, and Dave Attell. Taylor is currently co-headlining The Special Snowflake Tour with Stand Up! Records label mate Keith Lowell Jensen.

Lovably sarcastic and hilariously introspective, Taylor delivers chapters from his awkward autobiography with smoothness comparable to making love on sandpaper sheets.

Tangled up in Plaid is available now on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, or out of his backpack at live shows.

Cate Gary

Cate Gary was spawned by New York City transplants in a backwater town in Virginia. Her family moved back north when her parents noticed she was developing a Southern accent. The drawl has since been replaced with a speech pattern resembling Sarah Palin as impersonated by an enraged parakeet.

Nothing happened between 1989 and 2003.

In 2003, Cate started her stand-up career in New York City, performing in such venues as the Comedy Cellar and the subway station next to Carnegie Hall. She moved to San Diego in 2004, where she was promptly rear-ended by a Cadillac Escalade on her way to an open mic. (She still made it.) Since then, she has performed at comedy clubs, bars, coffee shops, and AA meetings all over Southern California.

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The Creator Studio is a 3,300 sq.ft. performance venue & live-streaming studio in the heart of Long Beach. In pursuit of our mission to "support Art by supporting Art's process" The Creator Studio provides the local creative performance community a space to perform, record, and stream their projects in front of a live studio audience. We look forward to producing DIY-based sketch comedy, standup recordings, and live music recordings. We also provide a networking hub for local artists through our Creative Community events. Creative Community events include industry mixers, talent showcases, and screening events.