“White Christmas” (Cover by Erik James)

Merry Christmas! May this special day be filled with joy and love for all! Download the SteamyintheCity Creator Studio’s “Christmas in the Attic” on iTunes today! 

I hope you have all enjoyed our SteamyintheCity Creator Studio’s version of the Twelve Days of Christmas as much as we have enjoyed reliving that magical night through these 13 music videos!

We have one final music video for you this Christmas Day, and it is quite possibly the best of all! So on the Twelfth day of Christmas we bring you the ultimate Christmas classic “White Christmas” peformed by Erik James who is hands down one of the most incredible musicians on this planet today.

We love Erik James, his character and talent are truly of the highest quality. I literally do not go a single week without listening to his music. Not many people know this but Erik James’ music is what originally inspired us to create the SteamyintheCity Creator Studios. Erik James is also my best friend for so many reasons, he truly understands the value of unconditional love and he practices it on a daily basis no matter how heavy the burden that goes with that choice. It seemed only fitting that his beautiful rendetion of the most popular Christmas song of all-time “White Christmas” be released on Christmas Day as our final Christmas music video in our “Christmas in the Attic” series.

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