Wham! “Last Christmas” (Cover by Juliet Weybret)

Just 8 days till Christmas and the carolers are wassaling about the neighborhood of twinkling lights spreading their love and cheer for all to hear! Download our Christmas album full of wassaling on iTunes here.

Next stop on the SteamyintheCity Music Collective’s journey to the north pole officially welcomes a brand new Collective Member into our family! A few months ago we produced our first Stageit concert with Juliet Weybret, one of the nicest people we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, and an incredible musican to boot!

We were all very excited to have her join us for our night of spontaneous Christmas creations! So on Day 4 we present Juliet Weybret performing the best version i’ve ever heard of one of our favorite Christmas songs “Last Christmas” by George Michael’s pop duo Wham!

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