No Doubt “Settle Down” (Cover by Tommy Miller & Justine Dorsey)

Tom Dumont from No Doubt tweeted that this was his favorite cover music video of No Doubt – Settle Down from Push and Shove. It’s a bluegrass, indie folk music cover set in Calico Ghost Town with banjos, epic beards, and a new singer Justine Dorsey.

I absolutely love making music videos with my friends! This past year has created so many amazing memories. Hearing Tommy Miller and Justine Dorsey create this cover of No Doubt’s “Settle Down” was easily one of the best. I really think that the sound that their voices create together is nothing short of incredible. I’m so excited to see what the future holds for both Justine Dorsey and Tommy Miller. You all need to follow these two on Twitter and Facebook so that if they are in your town you can see them sing live, because even the best recording pales in comparison to Justine Doresey and Tommy Miller’s live performance.

As a child of the 90’s I can’t help but get excited about a new No Doubt album. This song “Settle Down” reminded me of the old school glory days during the No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom era. The only thing missing is those tasty Ska horns… but who knows maybe this is just the first step towards a full on No Doubt ska album in 2013. They seem to be playing more of the music in this album instead of being entirely electronic which I think is a good move for Gwen Stefani, because even though she blew up the billboard charts with those two pop records Love, Angel, Music, Baby and The Sweet Escape I really think the best version of Gwen Stefani is the rock / ska singer version. Well here’s to the first step in what I hope is a journey back to No Doubts roots.

Vocals & Guitar by Tommy Miller

Vocals by Justine Dorsey

Andrea Babinski – Violin
Brad Babinski – Bass
Tris Duncan – Wurlitzer
Tommy Miller – Acoustic Guitar and banjo
Tony “Toe Knee” Hundtoft – Drums & Tambourine

Music Produced by Tony “Toe Knee” Hundtoft

Mixed & Mastered by Brandon Gass

Photography by Kristina Stanton Tolleson

Music Video Produced, Directed, & Edited by Scott Tolleson

Music Video created by the SteamyintheCity Creator Studio

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