The Postal Service – Such Great Heights (Cover by Chanele McGuinness)

I hope you guys enjoyed Chanele McGuinness’ “Such Great Heights” cover from the Postal Service! This is the first of 5 videos from Chanele that we filmed during our California Hwy 101 Road trip! So stay tuned for more!

In other big Chanele McGuinness news… We are in the final stages of mixing and Mastering her first EP! So as soon as we get the iTunes link for pre-ordering setup we’ll post it here in the video description, so check back soon!

I can’t even begin to tell you guys how much fun we had filming this Postal Service “Such Great Heights “cover in San Francisco! We’ve always loved the Golden Gate Bridge and it really seemed like a fitting backdrop to this particular song. In case you are ever in San Francisco you should go check out Baker Beach because that is where we filmed this and it holds a truly peacful and wonderful view from the south side of the Golden Gate Bridge!

One thing to note, about this video was that it was absolutely freezing at Baker Beach when we got there, and we only had about 1 hour left of light, so all three of us were basically sprinting down the beach to the rock area carrying tripods, camera’s, ipod stuff, it was pretty hilarious i’m sure for anyone watching. It was an amazing trip and it made for some wonderful memories with our one and only Irish lass Chanele McGuinness. Oh and we met an unusual character named DJ Szcechwan who offered to help us produce Chanele’s songs but he was a crazy fellow so we had to pass. Oh and Kristina and Chanele saw a ghost wolf in Arcata, right before we went and had Pizza in a place with so much body odor you could not smell the pizza at all….Needless to say we got ours to go.

So yeah, anyway we took a week long road trip up the California coast and filmed videos in San Luis Obispo, The Redwoods, Jedediah, San Francisco and all along road. The other 4 videos are all originals from Chanele’s EP too! And one last fun fact, is that the we brought a mobile recording studio with us, so most of the main tracks from Chanele’s EP were recorded in hotels that we stayed in along the CA-101!

Ok enough rambling, gotta save some of the crazy road trip stories for the rest of the videos. Again we hope you enjoyed Chanele McGuinness’ cover of The Postal Service “Such Great Heights!” Please share, subscribe, like and comment! (especially comment though because we really like hearing from you!

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