One Direction / Taylor Swift Mashup “Come Back First Kiss” (Justine Dorsey)

A Few Words From Justine Dorsey…

A Taylor Swift mashup with One Direction probably won’t be happening anytime soon. But when I was listening to Take Me Home & heard “Last First Kiss”, I layered Taylor’s “Come Back… Be Here” over it (from the Red Bonus Tracks) & it was a match made in mashup heaven.

I’m always wary of doing a Taylor Swift cover, mainly because, well, she’s Taylor, and her songs are so personal; and also, there are just so many covers of her songs on YouTube. If I wanted my cover to stand out, I would have to do one with a twist. So the answer presented itself in a mashup!

Mashups are so much fun, especially when they’re cohesive. Both of these songs have the feeling of longing in them, which is a bittersweet feeling, isn’t it? You know you’re so close to something “good and right and real” (that’s a Taylor Swift reference, obvi; thank you, “State of Grace”), but you’re not quite there yet. And there’s still a good chance that you might lose it altogether.

That’s the feeling I wanted to capture with this song. As for the video, what else says “longing” like hanging out in a tree? Okay, okay, it’s a bit of a stretch here, but when my friends at Steamy in the City suggested this OC location for the video, I couldn’t say no.

FYI, it’s really uncomfortable to sit in a tree with a guitar the way I did.

But it looks cool, so.

Another thing I wanted to touch on, briefly- I love pop music. I think it’s awesome. I never understand those people who make a big show of how “indie” they are, how they’re too cool to be bothered with Top 40. But just because you know all the words to a Katy Perry song doesn’t mean you’re a dumb person, or you have bad taste. Pop music can actually be really smart. Examples of this are the aforementioned Katy Perry, and- say it with me- TAYLOR SWIFT. Even the stuff that is less deep (ahem, One Direction) is insanely fun and it just plain makes you feel happy. And isn’t that something we could all use a little more of? So, what I’m getting at here, is this: like what you like, and don’t apologize for it. I really do believe that your Rihannas and your Regina Spektors can coexist harmoniously. There is a brilliant article about this on one of my most favorite websites, Rookie Mag, in case you wanna read more:…

If you made it to the end of this description, congrats! I wish I had, like, a medal or something to give you.

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