Rihanna “Umbrella” (Bluegrass Cover by Tommy Miller)

A Few Words From Tommy Miller…

Thanks for checking out my cover of Rihanna “Umbrella”. If you like this indie folk music remix, thumbs up. If you want to see me do more songs like Rihanna “Umbrella” then subscribe!

This video was uploaded after a long night of shooting and editing with my friends over at the SteamyInTheCity channel. We worked very diligently through the evening hours to bring this gem of a musical motion picture to your field of vision.

It started with a cover. I always felt the song “Umbrella” by Rihanna had some bluegrass potential. So i ‘folked’ it out. I recorded all the instruments and vocals in one afternoon a few days ago. Spent a day tuning it up. Then my good friend Scott had a really cool idea to hang umbrellas like Chinese lanterns. And the rest was a lot of filming and causing a ruckus at 2am in Long Beach. Sorry neighbors, you are all great sports! It was a lot of fun to work on this Rihanna “Umbrella” cover, I am learning a lot about music video making! Thank you for taking the journey with me. Don’t forget to subscribe and don’t forget to check out SteamyInTheCity’s youtube channel. I did a few covers over there including Bon Iver “Skinny Love”.

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