Orla Gartland “Whispers” (Official Music Video)

Orla Gartland has just released her second EP, Lonely People, and we here SITC are thrilled to have been asked to craft two videos connected to this really fun and exciting musical project!

SITC has been lucky enough to work with Orla Gartland several times in the past, and it was wonderful to be able to collaborate with this this young, quirky, independent musician for such an artful and complex video, like “Whispers.”

Written and performed by Orla Gartland, “Whispers” a beautiful song, pulling from great pop influences like Cyndi Lauper, Kate Bush, and Peter Gabriel. We really enjoyed brainstorming core ideas and emotions that drove Olra to write the song.

SITC filmed the official music video for “Whispers” in locations all over our hometown of Long Beach, California. Orla really got a great tour! here! Throughout the production, we were reminded over and over again of just how lucky SITC is to be based in a city that happens to be filled with so many small business owners, willing to support the creative process. We didn’t have to pay for a single location, including the shots filmed at the optometrist office! Those ended up being some of the most visually interesting moments of the video. The moral of the story is: A great project is usually a mix of a lot of preparation, and a lot of luck.

“Whispers” was a project that seemed to have a very exciting momentum to it, as does Lonley People. Mark our words, Orla Gartland is about to hit big, and we feel really lucky to have captured her at this moment in her career!

Thank you, Orla, for being so kind, creative, and talented! 2015, here comes Orla!

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