Orla Gartland – San Francisco Road Trip – Blue Wall Portrait Gallery

The trip we took with Orla Gartland last Summer was easily one of the most powerful creative experiences we’ve had at SITC. The centerpiece of the trip was a show for Orla (which went great, by the way), but there was so much additional creative output generated along the way. We were able to shoot amazing live videos, write blog posts, and obviously we were able to capture this amazing photo spread for Orla Gartland!

Here’s the thing about Orla Gartland: On top of being a wildly talented singer/songwriter, she also happens to be a lot of fun to hang out with. We had so many great laughs on this trip, and we all really bonded. It was easy to see why Orla Gartland’s fans are always so quick to point out that her quirky, fun, and outgoing personality is a big part of why they love Orla so much!

We found ourselves with a free afternoon in San Francisco. So, we decided it would be a great time to get in a good portrait session. Right away, we knew that our main goal for this shoot was to capture Orla Gartland impressive personal range–from silly to all the way to soulful.

One other thing Orla Gartland is very much known-for is her beautiful red hair! In an effort to invite all of the things what we love about to “come out and play” we chose this brilliant blue, brick backdrop. Next, we went with a really great sheer vintage top. You can see that the blouse has a fun “poppy” gold that hard to take your eyes off of. It’s almost like an Escher print!

After putting all the pieces in place, the only thing left to do was to late Orla Gartland do what she does best, and that’s be her vibrant and spunky, Irish self!

About the Photographer

Kristina Stanton Tolleson

Kristina Tolleson is a very talented photographer who has worked throughout California since 2009. She has created beautiful and creative portraits for all of our SITC artists, as well as serving as Director of Photography for all SITC music video projects.

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