Orla Gartland “Lonely People” (Official Music Video)

Orla Gartland went over lot’s and lot’s of ideas with SITC for “Lonely People.” Was the title track for her new EP going to be super big and glossy? Were we going to need to hire a bunch of random extras? Did we want to bring in a fog machine? (Side note: It takes A LOT of fog to show up on camera, so trust us, that would have been a whole thing)

But then, Scott Tolleson and Orla Gartland’s manager, Dan Goudie had a great idea: Why not ask Orla’s fans to send in footage of themselves having fun? What’s wrong with making a video filled with fans? Music videos are for fans anyway, right? Right! So the team gave the idea a shot, and Orla put out the call to her fans, having no idea if this was a concept people would be responsive to or not…

Much to our delight, Orla Gartland’s fans came through in a major way! We were overwhelmed with the amount of amazing footage that was sent in to us all over the world! In fact, Orla received over 1,000 submissions! It was really, really, really hard to choose what we wanted to put in!  If YOU happen to be one of the amazing people who took the time to send in your stuff, we want to thank you! Orla and the rest of us were so touched, and there is no question that Orla Gartland fans are really the best.

We are really pleased with the result of “Lonely People.” Comprised of quick glimpses into the lives of fresh, smiling faces, we feel that “Lonely People” perfectly compliments the complexity of the song itself. Sure, the song is upbeat and poppy, but it’s is called “Lonely People” after all. Like a good poem, the title of “Lonely People” calls for a re-examination of the way it makes the listener feel. We’d like to take credit for that whole concept, but it truly was a happy accident. But “happy accidents” are the best part of making art, right?

With all that in mind, we made sure to ask Orla Gartland about the meaning behind “Lonely People” when we had the opportunity to talk with her at length in January. Here’s what she said:

“(Lonely People) started at a party, which is probably why it’s a bouncy song. I don’t know if this makes sense, but: I went outside to get a call, and then I went back in. And you know how sometimes when you are in a room but you’re also kind of not? Just looking at it, and you are feeling a bit disconnected from the people inside. It’s almost like you’re alone, and looking down on yourself. Even in a room filled with people I suddenly felt really isolated. Not in a negative way, but in an interesting way. And I had this in my head while I was talking to people. This made me wonder if other people felt like this. What if we are all feeling like this, and just not saying anything.” Orla Gartland
Click here to read our full interview with Orla Gartland 
To Orla Gartland’s fans, we will always be grateful for the time, effort, and support you all poured into this video. Thank you! And to Orla herself, you are really a joy to work with, and we can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for you!

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