Old Crow Medicine Show “Wagon Wheel” (Cover by Tommy Miller)

Wagon Wheel was originally sketched by Bob Dylan and then made famous by The Old Crow Medicine Show at many a music festival like Bonnaroo and there’s now a “Wagon Wheel” cover by Darius Rucker. However, Tommy Miller’s version of Wagon Wheel is my all-time favorite.

I first heard Tommy Miller play The Old Crow Medecine Show “Wagon Wheel” Cover at Molly Malone’s when he played with both Chanele Mc Guinness and Justine Dorsey a week before our May 4th Streaming Launch Concert. It was a pretty magical night as a whole but the Wagon Wheel cover stood out as one of the evenings highlights. In fact if you were to speak to our good friend Katie Moore she would definitely say it was by far her top moment of the night, since it’s her “Carolina Jam” even though the song mentions Tennessee… though when you hear Katie’s general passion for the song it somehow makes perfect sense 🙂

Anyway, there is something about the lyrics to this song that just make you feel good, so it seemed like the perfect choice for our next SteamyintheCity music video cover.

Filming this Wagon Wheel cover with Tommy Miller was quite a fun experience. For one, we got a smoke machine! or more accurately we got a hazer… and it’s basically the funnest thing to play with in the world. I mean who doesn’t like filling a giant room with so much smoke that you can’t see more than a couple feet in front of your face? Plus we came up with this cool idea to cut holes in fabric so that you could see the different light rays shining in the haze.

We love playing with lights and making music videos, and we are so thankful to have so many people out there on the interweb who enjoy what we are doing! To all who are new to our channel please subscribe so you don’t miss all the wonderful things we have coming in the future!

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