Mumford & Son’s “Ghosts That We Knew” (Cover by Justine Dorsey)

A Few Words From Justine Dorsey…

I‘m not alone in thinking Mumford & Sons is one of the best bands out there- indie folk or otherwise- I mean, just look at the album sales of Babel! I love their song “Ghosts That We Knew” & jumped at the chance to film a cover in OC with SteamyintheCity.

“So give me hope in the darkness that I will see the light.” Hope. Just four letters, and yet so loaded with promise and dreams and lightness. Hope can be a game-changer. That difference between success and failure, dark and light. “The thing with feathers,” as a certain Emily Dickinson said. And just four letters. That’s one of many reasons I love this song, and why I love Mumford & Sons. They have that unique way of not just lyrically, but musically sounding like hope. And that is something we could really use a lot more of!

Okay. So I use the word “magical” a lot, but trust me- when I say something is magical, it’s magical. And making this video for “Ghosts That We Knew” was magical. My little sister, Kerris Dorsey, came along for the shoot along with my lovely, hilarious friends from SteamyintheCity!

We filmed in a gloriously golden field in San Juan Capistrano and I got to float around in one of my favorite dresses, dancing like a deranged person with my sister in between takes. Oh yeah, and that “tall gentle grass”? It was not so gentle, to say the least. We got repeatedly whipped in the faces and limbs, especially poor Scott, who was filming. Aside from our battle wounds, though, it was a pretty pain-free day. Aaannndd, prior to filming, I also ate a whole bar of quinoa chocolate. Which sounds so wrong, and it’s SO RIGHT. (Notice, though, that the order is “quinoa” and then “chocolate”- not chocolate quinoa. Which I don’t think sounds so great.)

This is not at all necessary information, but I apparently feel that you really want to know about my Tastebud Adventures. So Mumford & Sons, a pretty dress, golden light, laughing with friends, and quinoa chocolate. It was a pretty perfect day. One that gives me hope (see what I did there?!?) for more days (and months, and years) like it.

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