“Mele Kalikimaka” (Cover by Tommy Miller)

Oh my gosh! 6 days till Christmas! Hope all of your shopping is done and your presents wrapped and under the tree! Download “Christmas in the Attic” on iTunes today!

Today on the sixth day of Christmas we bring you not one but two Christmas videos from the incredibly talented man who plays a million instruments Tommy Miller! Including a lesser known but favorite Christmas song of mine Mele Kalikimaka which is Hawaiian way to sing Merry Christmas to you! It’s a favorite because it’s in our all-time favorite Christmas movie National Lampoons Christmas Vacation! Which you need to watch if you’ve never seen it because it is hands down the best Chevy Chase movie ever.

Secondly today we are uploading a beautiful banjo instrumental from Tommy Miller of the song “Joy to the World” which I personally think is flawless but Tommy swears that if he “could have done it better” but hey that’s because Tommy Miller is a freakin’ banjo stud… and he pretty much just improvised this take, so he’s probably right given more than 10 minutes to figure it out he probably would have blown our minds even further.

So enjoy our double Christmas music release today as we move ever closer to Christmas!
iTunes here.

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