Melanie Martinez “Dollhouse” (Official Music Video)

When Melanie Martinez asked us to be a part of her new video Dollhouse we had no idea what we were in for. Life size Dollhouse, dysfunctional families, wild out fits and incredibly life like doll make up…

Needless to say we are very proud to have been able to help make this video into the amazing success that it is today. Melanie Martinez Dollhouse currently has over 13 million views with thousands of incredibly positive comments.

Melanie Martinez is definitely on the top of the list when it comes to visually creative ideas for music videos. It’s always interesting to hear Melanie Martinez tell you her vision for a music video because when you first hear it you really have to have an open mind for what’s possible. The good thing is that Melanie is a hard worker and is really great at making it possible to bring her visions to light.

Melanie Martinez Dollhouse is a perfect example of one of Melanie Martinez’ creative ideas coming to life exactly the way she envisioned it, and just think this was only her first official music video… I can’t even begin to imagine the worlds she’s going to create in her future videos, but I can tell you this… I will be there watching them all, because I will always be a massive fan of this girl!

Thank you Melanie Martinez for being such a great friend to us and we look forward to working with you much more in the future!! You are the best! Gap City Fo’ Life Yo!

Written & Created by Melanie Martinez

Written & Created by Melanie Martinez
Directed and Shot by Nathan Scialom & Tom McNamara
Produced by Melanie Martinez, Nathan Scialom, Tom McNamara, and Nullah Sarker

Starring Actors:
Mom – Stella Rose Saint Claire
Brother – Edwin Zabala
Dad – Mughen Nakamura
Little girl – Jessica Cherniak

Makeup: Gina Frey
Hair: William Scott Blair

Co-written and Produced by Kinetics & OneLove

Visual FX & Edited by Scott Tolleson

Music Video Collaboration with the SteamyintheCity Creator Studio

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