Katy Perry “Roar”/ Ellie Goulding “Anything Can Happen” (Justine & Kerris Dorsey, Chanele & Regina)

Everything in this video was shot live in one take using a projector by projector mapping videos to move and the girls following along with white boards. Definitely one of the craziest videos we’ve done. The Katy Perry – Roar / Ellie Goulding – Anything Could Happen Mashup actually originated from one of our live Stageit Concerts that Kerris Dorsey, Justine Dorsey, Chanele McGuinness, and Regina Zaremba did together in the early fall and has become a crowd favorite in all of their live Stageit Concerts ever since!

Filming this video was insane because it took us all night to block out all the movements the girls would be taking and map the projectors to move along with them, but that’s not the craziest part… the CRAZIEST PART was the fact that we were in a race against time, because it was 5am and the sun was basically on it’s way up… so we didn’t get to rehearse any of this at all… we had one shot to get it right or we’d have to scrap the video because Regina Zaremba had to fly home the next day…. Well I’m proud to say that it would appear that we succeeded 🙂

We all really hope you enjoy this because a lot of hard work and epic collaborations went into making this nutty production happen. Justine Dorsey, Kerris Dorsey, Regina Zaremba, and Chanele McGuinness recorded this whole song by themselves and then Kurt Hunter put his magical producing touch on it.

Scott Tolleson a.k.a. “VeeJay Schezwan” spent at least 3 all-nighters getting all the projections ready and storyboarding out all the movements. Though there were a few late late nights on this one, everyone stayed super positive and worked hard to make it happen!

So I really can’t say it enough I freakin’ love the SteamyintheCity Creator Studio it’s the most exciting, creative, and wonderful journey i’ve every been apart of! I feel like we are truly a family!

This video also officially welcomes Justine Dorsey’s sister Kerris Dorsey into our creator studio! Like her sister she is an incredibly talented actress and musician. Kerris Dorsey’s has recently focused on her acting and can be seen playing Brad Pitt’s daughter in the movie Moneyball, Disney’s Girl vs. Monster, and she plays Bridget Donovan in Showtime’s popular show “Ray Donovan”.

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