Justine Dorsey “Under Construction” (Official Music Video)

A Few Words From Justine Dorsey…

Can I just say that Steamy in the City made the perfect video for this song? It’s one of my songs that I’m the most proud of, and the video is honestly everything I’d hoped.

“Under Construction” was written when I was a wistful fourteen-year-old who had watched one too many romantic comedies. It was my backyard. It was twilight. It was cold. I was sitting there against my family’s old trampoline, listlessly strumming my guitar like if I played it enough, it would put in my path that thing I so desperately wanted: to fall in love.

That didn’t happen.

What did happen, though, was somehow even better. It was a realization; a realization that made me feel somehow both “full and hollow”, like the magnificent Joni Mitchell sings out in her song “Cactus Tree”. It was a realization that has occurred to millions before me and will to millions after, but in that moment it felt huge: at twilight, in my backyard, in the cold, I realized that I couldn’t fall in love. Not yet. I wasn’t ready.

“That was your big realization?” you may be asking (with emphasis on the “that”, which you will unfortunately have to imagine because YouTube doesn’t have italics). But I was fourteen. I was that age where every realization is a big realization, even the ones that you’ve heard other people talk about, because you’re fourteen and you’re finally getting to experience the world in a way that is completely your own. The discoveries you make don’t belong to anyone but you. And every time you make one of these discoveries, it’s huge.

At twilight, in my backyard, in the cold, I realized that love would find me when it believed me to be strong enough to handle it.

My fingers formed a new chord. My lips formed the words “I’ve got a heart…” and at twilight, in my backyard, in the cold, I wrote “Under Construction”.

I’m eighteen now. I still watch one too many romantic comedies. Every so often, I like to go out in my backyard at twilight and think about this song. The trampoline isn’t out there anymore, but I still feel that familiar pull: love is out there for me. And it’s going to be at my door very soon.

And I hope, if you’re not already in love right now, it’s right around the corner for you too.


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