Imagine Dragons “Radioactive” (Cover by Justine Dorsey & Kurt Hugo Schneider)

This was our first collaboration with the wonderfully talented Kurt Hugo Schneider who produced the audio for this fantastic cover of the Imagine Dragons “Radioactive” by Justine Dorsey.

We had such an amazing time creating this video with Justine Dorsey! We basically stumbled upon an small woodsy area outside of Victorville, California that had been burned in a fire earlier this year, and created this incredibly spooky world for filming. It really seemed to fit the bill perfectly for Justine and Kurt Hugo Schneider’s haunting cover of the Imagine Dragons “Radioactive.”

Working with Kurt Hugo Schneider on the audio was such a great experience. It’s pretty incredible to see him work. He really only has to listen to a song once or twice before he starts weaving his musical magic, and musical magic is the perfect term to describe what he came up with on this cover of “Radioactive” by the Imagine Dragons. We definitely hope to work with him again in the future and we are so happy for him and Sam Tsui in having such a successful album launch, and we can’t wait to catch them on tour this summer with Alex Goot even if it means we have to drive to Alabama because all of the other shows in the country are sold out!

If we haven’t made it clear many times over, we absolutely love Justine Dorsey. We are absolutely thrilled with the way this cover of Radioactive by the Imagine Dragons turned out! It’s so magical, which is a good thing because like us Justine Dorsey is very much a fan of fantasy fiction books so we love trying to bring ideas and stories from our favorite books to life! In fact it’s really just a matter of time before we do a full on wizard video with fireballs and force fields and all sorts of cool stuff!

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