Bonnie Raitt / Bon Iver “I Can’t Make You Love Me” (Cover by Regina Zaremba)

Written and made famous by Bonnie Raitt, I Can’t Make You Love Me was covered by Bon Iver and that version really inspired us to make our cover with Regina Zaremba. But the big news is we also filmed an original music video for Regina’s upcoming EP and it’s one of the best we’ve filmed!

Bonnie Raitt – “I Can’t Make You Love Me” is in my opinion one of the best songs ever written. The lyrics are so moving and the music is perfect. I think a lot of other musicians would agree since so many incredible musicians have covered this song, like Adele and Bon Iver.

So in other news, today is really a very momentous day for our SteamyintheCity family. Regina Zaremba is one of our favorite musicians, and we are releasing this video along side of her Original music video that we filmed while she was out here for her upcoming EP. This is so huge, because this is the first full production original music video that we’ve released, and we are all very proud of the way it turned out. So you all definitely need to go to and watch it now! If you like it please comment and share because we would love to make this a momentous day for Regina Zaremba! Plus i’m sure you’ll all love it because it was all filmed along Hwy 1 around the areas of 17-Mile Drive, Big Sur, and San Luis Obispo in California, so it’s nothing but gorgeousness.

Ok that’s it for my rambling, as usual if you haven’t subscribed to our channel yet, make sure that you do, because we have a bunch of originals and covers coming soon from Poppy, Chanele Mc Guinness, and Justine Dorsey… it’s gonna be an amazing couple of months!

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