Florence + the Machine “No Light, No Light” (Cover by Chanele McGuinness)

For this video I had the great pleasure of working with Chanele Mc Guinness, an Irish native and one of the most wonderful people I’ve met in a long time. She’s currently on tour with the Young American’s in the United Kingdom so if you happen to be in the United Kingdom and you catch wind of the Young Americans stopping by your town you should definitely make all efforts to check them out!

If you have been living under a rock for the last couple of years it’s possible that you’ve missed Florence and the Machine. Florence and the Machine’s debut album Lungs landed them a grammy nomination last year for Best New Artist. They didn’t win, but they did release, in my humble opinion, a better follow up album in 2011 Ceremonials that should have at least gotten a Best Song nomination. “Shake it Out” was their first single off of Ceremonials and I actually like it better than their biggest hit “Dog Days are Over”. “No Light, No Light” is the second single from Florence and the Machine’s Ceremonials album, and I love it. I’m truly excited to see where Florence and the Machine will go from here… one things for sure is that last year’s Grammys won’t be the last time we see Florence get nominated for an award.

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