Dave Matthews “Christmas Song” (Cover by Erik James)

The Dave Matthews Band is still one of the top summer tour bands in the music scene today. The Christmas Song is well known among DMB fans and is one of my favorite songs. Erik James a new Los Angeles Singer Songwriter does a fantastic cover.

Merry Christmas! “Dave Matthews Christmas Song” has always been one of our favorite Christmas songs, and it’s actually one of the first songs I heard Erik play many moons ago. I stoked to be able to share this cover version of “Dave Matthews Christmas Song” with you, it’s really quite beautiful.

In case you didn’t pick up on it, this song is about a fairly well known guy named Jesus Christ. Now Dave Matthews has said on multiple occasions that it’s a “non-denominational,” however to me it’s always been one of the best depictions of who Jesus Christ was, and what he lived for. My hope is that we would all remember the “Reason for the Season” by showing acts of love to people we come in contact with, and not get completely over taken by the holiday rush. So hey, today when you are out, do something unexpected for someone, stranger, family, or loved one. It could be giving someone you know a spontaneous hug, or if you want to go big maybe you could stop and help someone on the side of the road who’s having car problems (scary sometimes, but if you do it I think you’ll be happy you did)

Again thank you Erik James for sharing your cover of Dave Matthews Christmas Song with the world! Merry Christmas Youtubers and a Happy New Year!

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