Charlie Brown “Christmas Time is Here” (Cover by Chanele McGuinness)

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As we continue our SteamyintheCity Music Collective’s Twelve Days of Christmas our journey takes us to a cover of one of my all-time favorites “Christmas Time is Here” a song from the classic 1965 television special “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. There has always been magical quality to me about all of the music composed by Vince Guaraldi for the Peanuts gang. Christmas Time is Here for me is the most magical of all. Walt Disney, of course, also had that magical quality during that same span of time, and I’ve often wished I knew what inspired the animation of the late 60’s to mid 70’s because there is just something about it that really makes you feel so nostalgic and warm inside, and even though I’ve felt glimpses of those emotions in current productions like The Polar Express and all of the amazing work from John Lasseter’s Pixar there is still this certain quality about those days of Charlie Brown and his sad little Christmas tree that I’m not sure will ever fully be matched.

I’ll never forget the feeling I had when Chanele McGuinness, Erik James, & Tommy Miller started playing their rendition of the Charlie Brown Holiday classic Christmas Time is Here. Even though they had only just arranged and rehearsed it a few times, Chanele’s beautiful voice instantly brought all of those nostalgic warm Christmas memories flooding back. It’s a perfect choice for Day 2 because it’s so important for all of us to start the Christmas season off by taking a step back and think about the true spirit of Christmas. About the days when Christmas time wasn’t so loud and hectic but it was about family and friends and all of those warm fuzzy feelings.

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