Chanele McGuinness “Numb” (Official Music Video)

A Few Words From Chanele McGuinness…

Another video from the Irish leprechaun singer?! Yes! Here is my video for my original song “Numb” from my EP “Untold…”

I’m so excited to finally be sharing my original music with you guys! Numb is unlike anything else I’ve written so far… I feel like it was inspired melodically when I was listening to a lot of Kimbra, Sam Cooke and Otis Redding (I know…a really random mix. But I literally went through a obsession with all 3 at the same time!)
The EP “Untold…” was recorded in May when I went on my first road trip up through Northern California with Scott & Kristina (the wonderful minds & souls behind SteamyintheCity)
We drove from Long Beach all the way up to Redwood National Park & Jedidiah National Forrest. It was so much fun! We were in the car for a ridiculous amount of hours, listening to awesome playlists of James Blake, Paper Route, Florence + The Machine, and eating lots of mexican fast food… All the good stuff, you know?! I also probably slept better than I ever have in my life. I swear, the back seat of the mini van was definitely loaded with some magical sleeping power or something!

We filmed this video in the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, California. It was definitely as cool as it sounds. This hotel is huge but the coolest part is that ALL of the rooms are themed differently! So when you book a room you get this massive catalogue to search through. It was probably one of the harder decisions of our lives… first world problems… So if you ever feel like staying in a crazy awesome hotel in california, look no further!

We had an open fire in our room ….& a Japanese style toilet, which, if you don’t know already, is very…interesting. Hahahaha!

On our road trip, we would stay in different hotels each night
and record a song with our portable studio set-up and then film a music video
for that song, the very next day! It was so much fun.
When we got home from the road trip, the awesome Kurt Hunter, produced all of the songs and made my inner musical visions come to life. He is the man.

So, here it is. The music video for my song “Numb” from “Untold…”

Don’t forget to order the EP if this pleases your ears.
More videos coming soon!
And thanks again to the wonderful SteamyintheCity folk ­čÖé

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