Broods “Bridges” (Cover by Orla Gartland)

A Few Words From Orla Gartland…

One of my absolute fave songs right now, Broods Bridges, filmed live in San Francisco, in front of the Golden Gate bridge. (LOL. Get it? GET IT? gett itttttt? …I’ll let myself out).

Anyone in thje UK/Ireland.. I’m announcing something veeery cool veeery soon. Sign up to my cheeky lil’ mailing list to be the first to know the gossip:

Anyone.. anywhere! For so long now I’ve been writing songs left right and centre and I’m loving it. I hate to be a tease but do know that I’m working away on my next release, taking time to make sure it’s as gooood and groovy as it can possibly be! In the meantime I’ve lots of videos to share with you and lots of gigs to play. Y A Y


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