The Beatles “Help!” (Acapella Cover by Justine Dorsey)

The Beatles Help! is an iconic song, and I really love Justine Dorsey’s Acapella take on this classic beatles tune. Justine is a new singer songwriter in the indie folk music scene. She has an incredible voice and she performs original music all over LA, CA!

Days before the 2012 Presidential Election Hurricane Sandy has left a lot of people in need of Help! A great place to be a part of the “Help! “is to donate to the American Red Cross as they provide food, shelter, and medical support to those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Regardless of who wins the election this Tuesday, Romney or Obama, we need to each do what we can as individuals, every little bit can Help!

If you send or have sent any amount of a donation to the American Red Cross or other organization to Help! with the Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts, let me know in a comment here, or on twitter, and I will send you a link to download the mp3 of this beautiful acapella cover of The Beatles Help!

Justine Dorsey sings a haunting rendition of a classically upbeat song Help! from The Beatles. Even though this was a spur of the moment creation, I’m really happy with the way it turned out. One of the things I really like about Justine Dorsey, is that she is fond of songs that appear to be bubbly and upbeat, but when you really listen to the lyrics there is a pain or often times a cry for Help! or just something sad in general. The Beatles – Help! definitely falls into that category of songs, and I think Justine Dorsey’s acapella version of The Beatles – “Help!” captured the lyrics of the song perfectly.

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