Alt-J “Breezeblocks” (Cover by Poppy)

Our cover with Poppy of Alt-J Breezeblocks was definitely one of the funnest music videos we’ve produced, I mean we made a Newspaper room and a TV head… tough to beat. Hopefully you guys all enjoy it and share it with your friends!

Music genres are so complicated now a days, I looked up Alt-J on Wikipedia and they are listed as a British alternative indie pop quartet… that feels unneccesarily long, however what should not be long is the amount of time between now and you purchasing their debut album “An Awesome Wave”. Alt-J has such an interesting sound and there are a few really great songs on the album.

The real story of this video was creating that newspaper room with Poppy, and I’d like to start by apologizing sincerely to the good people of Long Beach we litterally cleaned out the newspapers from every liquor store and 7-11 in a 5 mile radius… it was nuts!

Poppy is incredible to work with, she always suggests great songs to cover, and she’s always down to create a weird video with us 🙂 Typically it’s relatively difficult to describe a music video idea, but what I love about Poppy is she instantly gets it no matter how vague or weird the idea is. For this Alt-J Breezeblocks cover it was more of the same here’s how it went down…

Poppy sent me a tumblr photo that inspired her, of a small newspaper room and a person sitting next to a TV… we loved it and told her that we’d like to put 3 of her in a room and one of her would have a TV head… she loved it… done.

Anyway, we really hope you enjoy this video and please share it if you dig it.

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