Adele “Someone Like You” & “Turning Tables (Mashup by Adryon De León)

Hand’s Down, Adele 21 is a certified platinum album of epic proportions every song from that record is amazing. Two of my favorite songs are Adele’s Turning Tables and Someone Like you so why not mashup them up or create a medley… that’s what Adryon de León did!

Adele’s album 21 blows my mind. I love every song. However Adele “Someone Like You” and Adele “Turning Tables” are easily my two favorite songs from the new Adele record. If you don’t have this record yet, get it now! Adele’s voice and lyrics are just phenomenal. You will definitely find yourself singing her songs in the car/shower.

We recorded this at our friend Tadashi’s studio, and I filmed the recording live, because we wanted to just capture the raw authenticity of Adele’s music. It was an interesting experience because you could almost feel the emotion from the song when we were filming Adryon singing Adele Someone Like You and Adele Turning Tables. All together an amazing night in the city!

Jarod Sheahan, you are definitely a master of the piano, and I’m so excited to work on future projects with you! I love the way you arranged the Adele Turning Tables Cover with the Adele Someone Like You Cover.

Thank you Samantha Brooks from Chapeau Productions for joining us on this shoot and helping us create such beautiful lighting!

And again, thank you all for watching my cover versions of beautiful songs! If you like my videos, help me get the word out, and subscribe to steamyinthecity, because I have more videos coming soon, very soon! There has been talk of doing Rolling in the Deep in a very interesting way. So pretty please, subscribe?

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