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Founded five years ago, SITC is a producer and promoter of independent digital entertainment. Today we can boast over 60 music videos that have been created in collaboration with a wide range of really talented YouTube artists. Our efforts have produced over 26 million views, and we are still going strong!

“We are a collection of artists collaborating & supporting each other anyway we can in the pursuit of a common dream to do what we love for the rest of our lives”Scott Tolleson, Co-Founder


Did you know that every minute, of every single day, over 100 hours of brand-new digital content is being uploaded to YouTube? It’s true! Artists all over the world are rolling their sleeves up, and taking a chance on themselves. SITC is beyond excited to be part of this amazing movement in digital entertainment!

However, as SITC grew, we noticed that the influx of new digital artists, and other artists, was disproportionate to the resources artists need as they plug though the processes of “learning as you go.”

SITC understands the fact that the creative journey isn’t always easy, especially in the beginning! So we want to help! Put simply, our mission is to support art by supporting art’s process.

  • We produce, cultivate, and procure quality digital content with SITC Creators in a creative environment. This is our first love, after all!

  • Secondly, we are striving to build a robust, interactive, and truly helpful learning base for other digital artists at any phase of their own career. Through our tutorials, live workshops, blogs, and much more.
SITC strives to help the creators we partner with to produce quality content that is true to their journey as an artist.  SITC will also provide creators with opportunities to record and sell their music independently, perform in streaming concerts, contribute to our website, feature their art, and participate in other collaborative projects with other SITC artists.

In addition to promoting our own collaborations, SITC will guide and promote many other artists through our website. The SITC website is a place for people who are living out a creative lifestyle to come learn, share, and create content through blogs, taped and live tutorials, and other contributor content!

Interested in Collaborating?

SITC is able to connect fans to their favorite YouTube artists through our live events, which we host in our Long Beach Creator Studio. These are always exciting! We work hard to not only build shows around artists, but their fans as well! We also hold live events for creator workshops, live tutorials, and all sorts of industry showcases!

SITC make sure that each event is engaging and fully interactive for our streaming fans, who are watching our events from home!

We have a big calendar coming! To get advanced notice of our upcoming live events, join our newsletter here!

Art has always been the product of three basic things: Inspiration, Tools, and Patrons. At SITC, we believe that we can financially support inspired minds by creating intuitive advertising relationships with brands that help to create the tools and materials the artists uses anyway–turning a “vendor” into a patron of the arts themselves.

In this world of crowdfunding, the right idea can manifest, and even high-end items are within reach for young artists. This is a DIY generation, and we want to help people actually do it!

If you have a brand or a product you’ like to talk to us about, buy ad space for, or even show off in one of our live-streaming industry showcases, let us know! We are small, so our rates are pretty competitive, you’ll get a human on the other line!

Interested in Collaborating?

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