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Orla Gartland is known for her great musical skills…but her fans also love her for her quirky personality. At the tail end of our interview together (which you can check out here), I thought it would be a real shame to not have a little fun together. So…I asked her a handful of questions that were more specific (and silly).

Orla Gartland Q&A

Q: Is there anyone you are listening to that you love right now?

A: Yep. There is a girl over here names Rae Morris. She’s amazing, she reminds me a lot of Kate Bush. And Imogen Heap is not necessarily an NEW obsession, but a current one anyway.

[line]Q: What character in a book or a movie do you identify with most?

A: Have you seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? I don’t really know why, but I really identified with Ferris. I see a lot of myself in him.  I used to do that kind of stuff. Making fake vomit and making my hands clammy. And a lot of the way he carries on, and breezes through things, I get. Like with music, you just can’t be a worrier. If you are a worrier by nature, and you want to do something risky or unpredictable, you need to train yourself out of being a worrier. Otherwise, what is the point? I mean, as an example, I have this UK tour, and then my US tour, and I am really excited. But I do that, and then after that, I literally have no idea what I am doing. None. I can’t stress that enough. But I feel like the Ferris Bueller take on that is more of an exciting thing than a daunting thing.”

[line]Q: If you could have dinner with 3 people, alive or dead, who would they be?

A: I love Emma Watson. She would be fun, and introduce a good note of intelligence. I am a super fan or Taylor Swift. She has managed to present herself has everybody’s best friend, and I think that is amazing. I love that. And…Michael Jackson.

[line]Q: Nachos or Pizza?

A: Pizza…I don’t think I’ve ever had good nachos. Usually it’s just someone putting yellow cheese on Doritos.

[line]Q: What advice do you have for people out there trying to do what you are doing?

A: I think the best advice I was given was to embrace anything about yourself that is cookey or weird. In any sense. Be it a piece of clothing you always wear, whatever. Anything that is slightly unique, my advice would be to milk it, really. When I first started doing this, people would ask me to cover songs. There was a point when I realized I could be making a lot of progress by just covering chart music really quickly. I tried it once or twice, and it just didn’t feel like me at all. I was covering songs I didn’t even like. Why bother? At that point I stopped having a game plan, basically. I was much happier. Even though I wasn’t getting the views others were getting. But it would have been a big mistake. It comes down to a be true to yourself.

Also if anyone wants to take an online route, try not to take things too seriously, when it comes to the nastier side of things. And embrace all manner of platforms. They will connect with you to people who want to engage in your stuff, or come to a gig. I met this one girl online that I plan on meeting up with when I come to the state. She does this amazing guitar artwork, and she happens to live near an area we will have a day off. I asked her, “If I bring my guitar to American, will you do some artwork on it.” and she said “Yeah!” and all that she did to promote her work was a facebook page. It’s kind of a niche thing, but I stumbled across it. It’s cool. The online world is great.

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